7 Farklı Tipte Thai Kadını

7 Farklı Tipte Thai Kadını

I’ve been traveling around in Thailand for almost a year now. It’s been a crazy ride and I have done some pretty wild things out here. 😀

Thailand is a fucking blast and I love it.

Anyways… Here we go. 🙂

The good girl

These girls have real jobs and make their own money. They don’t drink or smoke. Most of them never go to parties and they go to bed ridiculously early.

Sometimes they will party and drink, but it’s only on special occasions like her best friend’s birthday. When the clock gets 12 she will look at her phone and say: “ooh, it’s vely late… wolk tomollow…”

Some have dated a foreigner before but for most of them foreign cock is something new.

Don’t be surprised that when you wake up from the first night you had sex, she will already be addressing you as her boyfriend. There is not fucking around with these girls or slow game here.

In fact, that is all they are talking about. Relationships. The overly attached girlfriend meme sums up these girls quite well. 😀 😀

Love, family, meet my family, marriage, drink with my father etc. These girls are serious when it comes to this stuff.

After you have dated her a couple of weeks she will already have started to talk about marriage and trips to Europe to meet your family.

These girls will do everything for you. Their number 1 task in life is to make you happy. They will clean the house, cook, iron your clothes and suck your dick on demand. All they ask in return is your affection and respect.

A good girl would never cheat on you, and when you go home from Thailand she will wait for you patiently as long as you tell her you love her. I know several good girls down here that have farang boyfriends back in Europe.

The girls spend their days working and helping out with family until you come back. Such a waste of good tight pussy. 🙁

Most of the good girls are very conservative on the make up, and some of them don’t use it. You wont see any tattoos or piercings on them either. Most do not even have pierced ears.

A good girl have a lot of pride, and she would never ask you for money. In fact, she will insist on at least paying her part when you are eating out. Sometimes she will even insist on paying everything. Especially if you are somewhat the same age.

The only time she would ask you for money was if there was a real urgent crisis where she had no other choice. That is fair enough..

Dating these girls will in fact save you money, because she knows where to find the good cheap food, she knows how to get from A to B fast and effectively, she knows where you can buy cheap shirts and she knows where you can get a decent haircut without being ripped off.

I love to date these girls, because when I find them I know I will be served fresh, tight, wet and disease free pussy as they don’t fuck around. Some of these girls are so tight I have to spend a good 30 minutes to get it in the first couple of times we bang.

If you want to be totally sure about diseases you can take her for HIV testing. You’ll never know if she had an ex Thai boyfriend that fucked every slut in his home village.

I love to date them, but in fact, they can be pretty boring too, especially in length. Most of them suck in English and conversations will most likely never go outside the daily stuff like “Had a good day?”, “What will we eat tonight?”.

They can also be very jealous and be prepared for questions like “Do you have other girls” or “Why you up so late last night?”

I understand that they are serious about relationships, and that they want you as a boyfriend or husband, but I don’t want to marry a girl after dating her for 2 months. It’s too fast. Slow down my dear.

That is why I always look for the girls I will be talking about now, the cool girls! 😀

The cool girl

Cool girls are very much like the good girls. They have all the good manners and beliefs as the good girls, but they are even better.

These girls have hopes, plans, goals and dreams they are working towards. They will not sit around totally helpless waiting for a man to take care of them.

The cool girls usually talk much better English than the good girls. That is such a relief because you get sick of dating girls with Google Translate as a mediator. That is fun the ten first times, then you get kind of tired of that.

It’s common that cool girls have slightly more wealthy parents than the good girls. This has opened the world for them.

Some have studied one year abroad abroad. Some have even learned a third language. I once dated a cool girl that spoke French. That was sexy as fuck. 😀

You will never meet a cool girl without a passport as most of them have done some traveling. They all have interests and hobbies that they pursue in their free time. I have met girls that do dancing, martial arts, surfing, painting, playing instruments, sing and play sports.

I even met a girl that was planning to start a shelter for homeless dogs. Respect!! 😀

These girls are independent and hard-working. But without loosing their femininity and gentleness like most women in the West do. That is something I find really attractive.

These girls are very easy to have conversations with as they already talk English. You will have a lot to talk about and if you are smart you find a girl with common interests and hobbies.

That whole fantasy about finding a girl that doesn’t talk a word English is fun in the beginning, but if you want a real and serious relationship with a girl, you need to have stuff to talk about. Not everything is about tight pussy. 😀 😛

I usually get along with cool girls right away. We always have something to talk about like travel experiences, compare our cultures or common hobbies.

If you want to find a giik (fuckfriend) you should absolutely look for cool girls. Some of these girls can have sex with you just for the enjoyment and without starting to nag about getting married or meeting her entire family tree.

I’ve had several cool girls as fuckfriend the last year. They are the best. 😀

What I really love about the cool chicks is that they are always up for some fun. They are open-minded and love to try and experience new stuff.

Cool girls are totally up for some drinks in the weekends, but they will not go totally nuts like the nightclub sluts I will talk about now. They also kept their pride, so they won’t nag about your money.

The nightclub slut

The nightclub sluts are all about party hard every night. They dress up like whores and is all about status. Diamonds in the ears, expensive phones, fancy drinks, taking cool tattoos and wearing fresh and hot clothes.

Some have good jobs that can pay for this lifestyle, but most of them don’t. They solve this by being gold diggers with wealthy men they meet in the clubs. Some are not shy about selling sex, while others will sell it, but it will be in a more discreet way.

Like the “we have fun, you pay for everything” way. Others will just say it, “give me 3000 baht and I’ll fuck you”.

Because these girls are all about status you will always see them with their phones up. This is so they can take pictures whenever something cool happens. They want to been seen popping expensive bottles of wine, hanging out with handsome tall farang men and be seen in the ‘zone’.

The only way to make sure of this is to always be ready to snap the next picture just so they can put it on Facebook and Instagram.

These girls can be really fun to party hard with, some of them are really nuts and you will never hear these girls say it’s too late. They will continue until early morning.

Here it the deal with the nightclub sluts: I don’t trust them. Most of them are semi pro hookers. The signs are there and if I’m fucking one of them, there is a good probability that she is fucking other men in between. I would never fuck a club slut without condom.

They never act jealous, that is a pretty good evidence that they don’t give a fuck and that they fuck other men too. Good girls and cool girls will be jealous as soon as you look at or talk about other girls. That is NOT true for nightclub sluts.

A lot of nightclub sluts will say that they ‘just took three weeks of from work’…. Hmm.. How can you do that my love..? Do you have an old dude that is sending you money, and that you fuck every time he’s around? But when he’s not around, you drink like a maniac and fuck every one else? Yeah, I thought so.

The thing is, this is extremely normal here in Asia. A lot of older guys will go to the clubs, find some super hot young lady and say: “Hey, if you become my girlfriend I will give you 1000$ a month.” Of course it’s hard to say no when you make 300$ a month in a job that you hate.

All the girl have to do is to visit their old ‘boyfriend’ a couple of times each week, ride their dick and finish of with a good blow job. Then collect the cash.

Here is another thing I don’t like with these girls; they can be very demanding. They will tell you: “I want that, and this, in that way”.. I don’t like that. They have been spoiled too much by rich men, and they know they can get away with that shit if they do it on enough men. Someone will always succumb. These girls will always test your limits about what they can get away with. NO thanks! 🙁

If you meet a girl at Thai Cupid, and she starts ‘your relationship’ with demanding a special restaurant or nightclub, she is probably a gold digging nightclub slut. Watch out.

So, they are demanding, but at the same time you have to pay for them. Bad deal if you ask me, you could just as well go find a hooker that will do what ever you want for money.


These girls will fuck you for money. You can find them everywhere in Thailand, but most of them are in big cities such as Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket.

They come in all sizes and shapes and if you want to know more about hookers in Thailand you can check out my Thailand Sex Guide for beginners.

Most of the hookers are from northeast Thailand (Isaan) and they sell sex because they are from poor families. They use the money to support themselves, maybe save money for education or send money back home to the family.

Some hookers will sell sex because they are lazy, don’t want to work and think it is okay to rent out their pussy for fast cash.

The hottest hookers can make a lot of money in short time, and will not stay around for long. However, some will because they fall in love with the neon lights, high energy and the money.

High Society Girls

Hi-So girls are descendants of wealthy families in Thailand. Families that own land or big businesses. You will probably not see much of them because they mingle and socialize mostly with people within the same social status.

You also have a another type of Hi-So girls. That are those who made their own way into this exclusive circle either by their looks or because they are smart.

If you want to mingle with these people you should absolutely look for that last group as they actually have a brain and where not just born into wealth.

Personally I don’t like most of these people as they are too full on themselves and have pretty bad attitudes against people who have less.

You probably don’t have a chance with these people unless you are wealthy yourself. As status means everything.

Ladyboys and tomboys

Then you have the ladyboys and tomboys.

Ladyboys are technically men, but they dress up and act like women. Some are more sincere than others. You will find anything from part-time ladyboys to ladyboys that do the final thing, cut of their….

Tomboys are girls that dress up and act like men, and just like the ladyboys, some are more sincere than others.

These people can be in whatever groups I have already been talking about. Some are good people with traditional attitudes while other are in the clubs every night going nuts. They are generally accepted all over Thailand and they make Thailand a little bit more interesting. 😀

Personally I have no interest in dating them, but I totally respect their way of being.

There you have it..!

7 different types of Thai girls in Thailand. When you are meeting new girls in Thailand you should always try to categorize them. That can save you from a lot of trouble and headaches.

If you want to find a girl that you can have interesting conversations with and maybe have some noncommittal sex with. You should look for the cool girls, or maybe a nightclub slut with some basic manners.

If you just want to party hard, and don’t care if you have to give some money for the pussy drilling session, go find a nightclub slut that don’t give a fuck about anything.

If you just want sex, and don’t want to spend any energy at all. Just jump inside a go-go bar or a beer bar.

If you are looking for a lifelong partner, you should look for a good girl or a cool girl. But stay far away from the nightclub sluts and the hookers.

All type of girls can be equal fun, it just depends on what you are looking for.. 😀

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